Friday, 1 August 2014

Thurmaston by-election result

Five parties contested this by-election.

Interestingly there was no Lib Dem candidate, leaving the big two and the new kids on the block UKIP to battle it out for the top spot.  UKIP looked to being doing well and the chance of an upset seemed possible early on but gradually it became obvious that Labour were forging ahead.

In the end the margin of victory was comfortable for Labour thanks to a substantial vote in the most ethnically enriched area and UKIP had to settle for second ahead of the Tories.

In the battle of the nationalists between the BNP and the British Democrats it was the latter which came out on top with 94 votes as opposed to the BNP's 58 but it is a hollow victory against fellow patriots when the enemy is still pulling the wool over the eyes of the unknowing population.

Result Labour      783
           UKIP         496
           Con            404
           Brit Dems  94
           BNP           58

Brit Dems scored 5.1% in a turnout of 24%


Anonymous said...

Will the BNP now concede and transfer across to a party with a hope instead of flogging their dead horse?

Clive said...

Unlikely. They still believe that they can make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Unity is strength. Nationalists need to stop contesting against each other and help one another.