Monday, 17 February 2014

Nick Clegg the Liberal Dictator Party

After months of wrangling and numerous amendments being thrown in for good measure, the bill to make de-selection of our underperforming MPs was finally rejected by the Tories. Not because the Tories were against it, but because Clegg the power hungry, self serving turd wanted the decision to remove those MPs not performing to the electorate's satisfaction to rest with a panel of MPs and not an independent public body. Today we hear he and his bunch of sickly traitors, weirdos and perverts would consider forming a coalition with the Labour Party after the next election. No surprise there then. Such is the lack of credibility and support for this party of anti English turnip heads that it wouldn't surprise me if they would ally themselves with Pol Pot if they thought it would give them a seat on the gravy train.

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