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Castro is dead and the brainless elite show their admiration but don't tell the truth.

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Election results 2015

Nationalists clearly didn't fair too well on May 7 unless they happen to live north of Hadrians Wall.

The predicted impact of UKIP on the Conservative vote seems to have prevented some voters from swaying to Farage's party out of the fear of letting Labour slip in by default.

On the other hand, UKIP's ex Labour voters do seem to have gone purple, kicking Labour where it hurts, in the working class white areas.

The Tory vote hadn't changed significantly from 2010 whereas Labour's and the fake 'middle of the road' Lib Dems took big hits from the equally fake 'right wing' UKIP support.

Other smaller parties seem to have suffered the UKIP effect too, probably because the 'right' vote saw UKIP as the only party that could have an impact this time around.

The Scots are no longer propping up the socialist Labour elite at Westminster and it may be a long time if ever before Labour can threaten the Tories.

In the meantime we need to consolidate what we have left and build for next time. 

Perhaps parties such as the English Democrats should call it a day and put their efforts into building a more united opposition to the established parties.

The BNP membership should also be considering their options after another dismal performance.

Our sympathies go to Cathy Duffy though for her commitment and sterling efforts over the years.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Whistle blow at your peril

Despite the call for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and expose their abusers, whether in care homes such as Beechwood or the Elms Guest House, it's a risky option to take.

It is alleged that in Scotland, Robert Green accused the state of a cover up in the case of Holly Greig and found himself locked up, then put under virtual house arrest for a year before finally being given Community service and a lifelong gagging order covering the entire globe.

Where did the Scottish Court system acquire such powers to impose these rules on an English resident we might ask, and the answer is it didn't, it made them up.

In Nottingham, England, children's home abuse victim Melanie Shaw was jailed on the flimsy evidence of an arson attack on a neighbours shed and had her house forcibly broken into by the Police.

After her release she was continually harassed by the same force and eventually re-arrested on unknown charges, again having her home broken into in the early hours by the Police.

Following a secret court hearing she was detained in Peterborough Prison where she is being denied basic comforts and medication, with so far no explanation as to what she is charged with.

This is Britain today under the fascist state machine that is waging war on our rights, the Common Law and society in general as it protects its own associates in the 'establishment'.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Black man bullied on Paris subway by racist Chelsea fans

Oh dear, the awful racists of Chelsea refused to let a black man on to their crowded train and then sang "we're racists, we're racists, and that's the way we like it".

This world shattering event which was filmed by one of those creepy snitches took pride of place on the BBC today; more important than the slaughter of innocents abroad and the rising cost of child care no less.

I shall have great trouble sleeping now as I relive that awful moment when the CFC fascist, racist, white thugs blocked the man from boarding their packed carriages.

Is it any wonder I don't have a TV licence!

Friday, 6 February 2015

That Idiot PR Man Cameron Is Leading Us To War

The Western nations of the EU, Nato, and the corrupt UN are busily engaging themselves in a deadly game of bluff and bluster with Russia and that stupid half wit of a Prime Minister is a leading voice among those who do the talking but not the fighting.

With pathetic little to throw at any conflict, he talks as though we are a power to be reckoned with when he has been responsible for the destruction of our armed forces to the point where they are useless against a proper enemy.

Goading the Russians and encouraging dissent in the Baltic states is all well and good until the bluff is called, at which point the worthless little runt will run squealing to the USA to save his skin while thousands of innocents will be slaughtered.

Military matters are best left to military personnel and any strategist would know that what Cameron and his traitor friends have done is degrade our defence capability to make us reliant on our EU partners.

That is one of many mistakes this fool has made, as our allies are never to be trusted, as history will reveal.

Spain is itching for a grab at Gibralter and the French only ever do what benefits them. 

Still, what would I know?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rotherham Council's Cabinet Resigns

It took hundreds, maybe thousands of child victims, but eventually the Labour Cabinet has accepted its guilt and jumped before it was pushed.

However, that is not justice and never will be, as the Council's own Social Services and Children's Services are equally to blame for the rape, sexual exploitation and violence against mainly white female children by mainly Pakistani men.

The cowardly Council staff and the diversity worshipping lefty scum that run the Council should be on trial for their failure to act when they knew what was going on, but not only them; also the Police of South Yorkshire are accomplices in the crime against children, so what might we ask is the link between these cretins.

One answer - COMMON PURPOSE - a secretive and evil organisation masquerading as a charity and operating in the back rooms of Government.

COMMON PURPOSE was exposed long ago by Right Wing groups such as the BNP and I'm proud to say that I was one of the many hundreds who took to the streets of Rotherham alongside Britain First and the EDL to demand action.

Of course the Tories will claim to be acting now its out of the bag and Labour will still rule in Rotherham but as I've said in the past, you can't help some stupid folk.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The face of deceit in Britain today

Today in Britain we have seen the worst of those who rule us by deception and the power of money.

On the one hand we have witnessed the official faces of power expressing their sorrow at the news of the passing of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at the age of 90 with flags at half mast and sickening praise and words of grovelling to Islam from the Church of all people.

Let us remind ourselves that Christians are not allowed to gather in a church in the Kingdom of Oil, women are not allowed to drive or go out in public unaccompanied and that public beheadings of criminals is still quite common.  Saudi Arabia is also suspected of financing terror and promoting the ideology of terror through its support of establishments in the UK and worldwide.

Human Rights are not high on Saudi establishment priorities either.

Then we have the outpouring of grief for Leon Brittan who died two days ago at 75.  Brittan was instrumental in Thatcher's grotesque Cabinet that set about destroying Britain's industry and also went on to become a frontline traitor in selling out our sovereignty to the EU where he later served as a commissioner.  He was also suspected of 'losing' two dossiers relating to paedophile suspects within the establishment and I believe, even accused of rape himself at one time.

I'm sure he was loved by his family just like any other father and husband but the fine words that we've heard from our sickening superiors make me even more convinced that the whole lot are criminals, traitors and mental cases.

Thank you King Abdullah for the trade deals, the weapons you bought, the oil you sold us and the property you invested your wealth into here in the UK but not for being a friend we will miss.

Goodbye Leon and I must say excellent timing, just before any enquiry/cover up takes place.

Well done T May for delaying long enough.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two things to understand about Governments

One thing we already know is, they don't work on behalf of the people whom they represent and although they accept power on those people's behalf, they believe it is themselves who are all powerful and choose to deny democracy to the majority by giving minorities priority over the host majority.

From the moment of being elected, they try to bully, intimidate and deceive all opponents by lawful and unlawful means, sometimes changing the law to suit themselves.

Secondly they trumpet out a stream of lies repeatedly until the public at large are convinced they are true.

Immigration is beneficial to Britain is one such mythical tale they spew forth relentlessly, diversity is good is another, but the latest and most distasteful is that Islam is a great and peaceful religion.

Either they have never read a Qur'an in their lives or they think we will believe such outright lies if they repeat them often enough.

Of course, Muslims are a minority, as are Jews so whatever the majority think or say is automatically deemed as racist under their new laws, created to give minority rule.

Not to worry though because in the not too distant future, we Anglo Saxon types will be a minority and our days of  being persecuted will be replaced with favour and priority treatment.

Don't hold your breath though.  Those pinkish, four legged, mud loving farm animals might fly first.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

As a proponent of free speech I have come into confrontation with our very own government controlled Police State and its useful idiots in the Council chambers and the Church. 

After producing a Christmas leaflet in 2011 that asked whether Christianity was under attack, which listed a few examples as to why I thought it was, as well as some points about the hypocrites in government who mourned the death of a Hamas terror leader, I spent seven months being investigated for inciting race or religious hatred.

This last weekend we saw the united colours of Marxism expressing their grief and pretend solidarity with the free thinking people of France and vowing to not surrender to terror.

Today Charlie is back on the stands with more religious offence to incite, with the backing of our free speech loving PM.

Why is this utter waste of space Cameron not being harassed by the Politically Correct Police for supporting a magazine that goes out of its way to cause offence?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Are we marching for unity or displaying surrender?

As the great and the good, otherwise known as the criminal and corrupt elite gather in Paris for their show of unity this weekend, I can only imagine the sickening rhetoric that will pour out of their filthy traitorous mouths and those deceitful journalists who will flock en masse to report their fine words.

The west has been led down a road to self destruction by self serving liars and idiots who will now try to justify their tolerance of aliens with defiance against terror rather than admit  to a clash of ideologies brought about by the policy of mass immigration to enrich the global elite and weaken cohesive societies to make them more susceptible to world governance and manipulation.

My sick bags are on standby just in case I happen to catch a glimpse of the 'outpouring of shared grief and solidarity show' that will have us settling back into our armchairs assured that we are safe from harm again, since our trusted leaders will have another plan to protect us all from evil doers.

Expect to be treated to the sight of the odd immigrant joining in the display, or should I say spectacle, as they join hands and praise the courage of those who survived by being lucky or clever or both.

The press will have its most patronising voices on hand to persuade us that just a handful of bad guys caused havoc and death but the overwhelming majority are with us and an asset to our civilisation so not to worry folks.

The time has come to bring those who have caused this tragedy to justice; then we can put right the wrongs that caused the deaths of the innocents of Paris.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Common Purpose or just diabolical liberalism

It has been brought to my attention that a 15 year old girl came home from school the other day and started a debate about religion and beliefs with one of  her parents.

She had been in class for a Citizenship lesson and during that well known anti-white, anti-
morality, propaganda exercise she had been told that our prisons are over crowded because foreign criminals are locked up when they shouldn't be.

The reason they should not be locked up is because the crime of rape is not a crime in their own countries of origin and therefore it is their culture or belief and they should be allowed to practice their beliefs and culture freely in our country.

So we have a complete twat teaching our children that being raped by a foreigner is not an offence really and he should not be punished because it's his culture or religious belief.

I shall be writing to the school shortly to demand he is sacked.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Good morning America

It is said that no country on earth is more like the UK than Canada.  Is that a good thing or bad I ask myself, but I know deep down that of all the places on the planet the UK stands out. 

It may not be the most amazing geographically or have the weather we would all like but the one endearing factor is its people.

There are some beautiful wild places still and some fairly horrible towns and cities but to see the British villages with their quaint cottages, beautiful manor houses and picturesque churches all laid out in what appears to be a random fashion amongst the hills and streams, forests and moors is a sight to behold and cherish.

There are few places in the world outside Europe where architecture and tranquillity sit in harmony with a people of amazing temperament, kindness and tolerance and maybe that is our weakness.

It is automatic in the nature of western people to see the good in humanity and not the evil that lurks beneath the surface.

For those very reasons we are easily deceived and therefore exploited by devils in suits.

It is our trust in each other that makes us vulnerable to attack from inside and out so when we see our civilisation under attack we look to our leaders for guidance.

That is a grave mistake that leaves many of us in a grave. 

We are bombed, stabbed, raped and murdered by aliens on an industrial scale and still we accept the lie that it is purely a criminal act and nothing to do with culture or immigration.

Those that lie to us are servants of another God with another scheme for world domination and that God is money.

We all want it and we all need it but we don't need to pay the price being asked.

Our white European societies are the creators of wealth and beauty the world over and we do it with benevolence and friendship.

We rush to the side of disaster struck nations across the world at times of crisis and do not consider the religion or culture of those in peril.

However, we are facing an attack on the fabric of our societies and our cultures of freedom and tolerance by an intolerant and violent ideology that tries to deceive us through lies and propaganda.

In our hearts we know it but we are reassured by our traitorous leaders that everything is fine and we should accept this threat with open arms.

Our personal safety and civil rights are expendable in pursuit of this fantasy world they have planned for us and it's time we stood up and fought back.

Wakey, wakey USA and Canada, you are included

Friday, 31 October 2014

South Yorkshire's unbelievable electorate

Why oh why do any of us bother?
The morons would vote for a pumpkin if it wore a red rosette.
Just one in every twenty eight forced themselves out of their armchairs in the Doncaster area to cast their vote.
Is it any wonder that children are abused, politicians fiddle their expenses and the Police do sweet FA?

I feel I must vote Labour next May because my great, great Grandma was a couch potato and she voted for them all her life.

Carry on Rotherham, you deserve the people you elect.